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So Fresh Chickens sets standards in live, processed and chicken products market

SO FRESH CHICKENS – The Impossible Made Possible!

Chicken consumption takes over 40% of all the meat consumption and that puts Chicken as the most consumed meat because of it availability, affordability and nature as it is a white meat, suitable for all both young and old.

As a result of this, so many people go into poultry meat production with little or no knowledge about the safety and health of the consumers. For them, making the money is their aim.
To this, they sometimes sale dead chickens by refrigerating them as Frozen Chickens.
Aside from selling them dead, some ailing chickens are couriers and carriers of deadly diseases such as: Fowl Pox, Botulism, Fowl Cholera, Infectious Bronchitis, Infectious Coryza, Marek’s Disease, Thrush, Air Sac Disease, Newcastle Disease, Avian Influenza, etc.

Having considered all these and in our mandate of being uniquely different and proud of it, we at SO FRESH CHICKENS decided to salvage human beings from this deadly situation and make Chickens and chickens consumption safer, cheaper and better.
At SO FRESH CHICKENS, our esteemed customers are treated to these and many more quality services that are second to non, they are:

>> You choose your fresh and lively chickens from our cages, any number, any type be it Broilers, Spent Layers, Noilers, etc.

>> Mechanised de-feathering of your chosen Birds: Like a point and kill system, any bird(s) you chose is immediately killed and defeathered before your very eyes using our mechanized state-of-the-art defeathering facility so that you can be rest assured of the fact that your fresh, strong and live chicken(s) you chose is what you’re taking home.

>> Cost Effectiveness: SO FRESH CHICKENS is not just a chicken house, it’s a hallmark of comfort. As such, our products are of the highest qualities, quantities and very affordable. You can’t get our prices anywhere else.

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>> Cleanliness Of Operation: Our customer’s satisfaction is our pride. As such, we ensure that the slaughterhouse (abattoir), the staffs and the entire environment are clean, neat and tidy.
SO FRESH CHICKENS is infact clean in all ramifications!

>> Timeliness Of Operation: Time they say is money. How would you feel if in less than five (5) minutes, your live chicken(s) has been transmogrified into fresh meat, ready for your cooking?
I know, elated right?

>> Accessibility Of The Slaughter House (Abattoir): Located in the heart of Uyo the Akwa Ibom State capital, SO FRESH CHICKENS is very accessible as 215 Udoudoma Street besides Bourn vita House is known by all!

>> Availability Of Birds: We have no end to our stock. Our stock never runs dry and we will always have more than enough for you.

>> Home Delivery Services: Our First class delivery vans and bikes are readily available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to make sure that you are satisfied beyond your imagination.

>> Several Payment Options: With our mandate and policies, we strive to satisfy all and sundry irrespective of your economic class. With our multiple payment options, you can transact with us at any time and at your convenience.

These and many more outstanding and second to non services stands Us Out!
Why not give us a try?

Shoot us a mail at:

Or Call Us Directly On: +2349021426339

Please Visit Our Website

Or come Directly To See Wonders for Yourself at
215 Udoumana Street, Opposite Akpan Andem Market by Bourn Vita House, Uyo. AkwaIbom State, Nigeria.

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