Broiler chicken tips for newbies

Looking to start a broiler chicken farming business or just want to keep a few broilers for the family in your backyard? This is a quick list to guide you through some of the things you need to consider before you get started.

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Looking to start a broiler chicken farming business or just want to keep a few broilers for the family in your backyard? This is a quick list of broiler chicken tips to guide you through some of the things you need to consider before you get started.

  • Find out which breed is best available

Ask around, confirm from your local distributors, use the online resources, and ask your fellow farmers which breed of broilers is the best before making a purchase. This investigation will save you a lot in the long run

  • Only use trusted vendors

After asking around, you will be well informed on where and with whom you should buy your broilers. Make sure it is a trusted source and vendors, so that any issues you will be having with your birds can be reported and well taken care of.

The moment you made your mind to start poultry farming, you should check your pocket to ascertain if you have enough resources to fix up the housing, equipment, medicines and other facilities your birds are going to need. And go ahead and prepare them

  • Get your Foot Dip Disinfectant and general sanitation

The health of your chickens should be of top priority at first instinct, therefore get your foot dip disinfectant-ready and handy. Make a point to remember that there will always be sanitation for the health of the birds.

  • Block any crevices and avoid the entry of rats, reptiles, and birds

As lovely as your chicks are going to be, predators will love to have a taste of them. Therefore secure your chicken coop from them. Block all the holes and openings that will serve as entrances for rats, reptiles, birds, and snakes for the safety of your birds.

  • Get a small thermometer for checking the brooding temperature

Get a small thermometer for checking the chicken temperature at regular intervals, so that you may not lose your birds to the cold of death, due to diseases and infections.

  • Keep track of your broiler feed, growth rate, medicines and vaccines used daily

Keeping tracks of all this will help you know how much you have put into their wellbeing and how much you will be getting back whenever they are ready to be marketed. Get your chickens the best feeds and watch them grow into healthy birds.

  • Weight gain control every week, this is your point of sale-weight

If the weight of your birds is nothing to write home about, you will surely lose out during market days, because consumers will flock to the competitor’s farm owing to the fact that their chicks are bigger, heavier, and better.

  • Monitor potable water. Always give cool water and avoid dehydration

Make sure your birds have access to water so that you can avoid dehydrating them, water is as important to birds as it is to humans. Do not fail to consistently make sure their water equipment is filled with cool water.

  • As broiler chickens grow they need more ventilation. They’ll die if access is denied

Ensure that to avoid death, you provide enough ventilation for your broilers, so that they can be free from overheating, which could lead to death.

Chicken are prone to catch disease easily, be careful so that you can dictate when they are sick and apply the right medications to them. Whether it is traditional medications or not. Just provide them with the necessary medication using the available resources in your locality.

  • Using broiler start for the first three to four weeks and finisher onward

For the first three to four weeks of bringing in your chickens, use Starters for their feed and food, and use finisher when they are up to four weeks old. The grains and sizes of those feed matters because of their stomach compartment.

  • Start marketing where possible before your birds hit 4 weeks

Even before your broiler is 4 weeks old, start telling your friends and other vendors who make use of chicken for their meals or businesses. It will put you in their minds whenever they are short of supply.

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We hope this article on broiler chicken tips for newbies was helpful. we would like to get a feedback from you. If there are other broiler chicken tips for beginners, do share with us using the comment box



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