Can chickens fly? We have your answers

Can chickens fly? We have your answers

Can chickens fly? We have your answers

Ever wondered how you put your flock in the morning, and when you’ve done breakfast, they’re all over your backyard? You’re standing there asking yourself, How did that happen in the world? Okay, there’s a clear reason for that. The chickens could fly! It’s absolutely normal for them to fly in the wild.

They use their wings to avoid predators and roost in the woods at night. It would be far too risky to live on the field. If you’ve ever had light-bodied hens who haven’t gotten into the roost at night, you’ll still find them sitting very comfortably in a tree nearby. It’s the remains of the inherited desire to roost up there.

Could chickens fly for a long way?

No, of course, domestic chickens are not good flyers, their body weight is too high for their wings to take them at any point. They appear to do some sort of hop and flap motion.

Left to themselves, they usually remain on the ground where they can feed. But they’re going to fly if they have to avoid predators, roost, or to get out of their way to open land and sometimes.

Once it comes to chickens flying, are the fences chicken-proof?

Nope. Nope. Really high fences are more difficult for big breeds, but lightweight breeds and bantams can fly over fences without any trouble.

At what age are chickens liable to fly?

Once the chicks are only a few days old, they grow wing feathers and, as little chicks, their body weight is light enough to start experimenting with using them.


Depending on the species, the flying feathers-long feathers on the leading edges-begin to develop on day 3 or 4 after hatching and develop completely around five and ten weeks of age.

Could all the chicken breeds fly?

Technically most of them can, but not all of them want to. Some like it more than others, and others are simply too big to lift their bodies off the ground.

Bantams are the strongest flyers, their compact body makes it easy for them to get off! Sablepoots are mostly caught still roosting in the trees, rather than joining others in the hen house at night.

Lighter bodied breeds like Araucanas are good riders, and others just seem to enjoy flight-my own hybrid Red Stars just love flying. On the other hand, Leghorns, who are very small, tend to forage rather than bother riding.

Heavier birds like Orpingtons, Barred Rock and Australorp usually can’t keep the energy together, and fancy breeds like Poles and Silkies don’t want to keep their feathers in flight!

What could your chicken flying do to you or your environment?

If you live in a town and have a few hens in your back yard, your neighbors will not be so happy that their beautiful green lawn is being ripped over by your marauding flock.

Hens are relentless when it comes to grass-they can clear a field in a few minutes! So neighbors will certainly not be happy that your girls have cut down on their veggie plot, or used their lovely summer flower pots as dust baths.

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More critical for your flock, however, is that flying will potentially put them at risk.

What are the potential threat for chickens that fly?

Flying chickens can be fun to watch but they can cause problems, too. Unhappy residents, plants, and vegetable gardens killed, and the worst of all, putting themselves at risk of being attacked by predators’ waiting mouths. What the heck should you do?

There are many choices available. One of them is to place the cover-net, for example-over the top of your race. This is entirely conceivable, depending on the scale.

The second choice is to cut the wings. It is the only way to keep my girls from flying in danger.

Where to buy Chickens in Akwa Ibom State

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