Clipping chicken’s wings in the farm

How to clip your chicken's wings
How to clip your chicken's wings

One of the most controversial topics/subjects in poultry farming is clipping chicken’s wings.

The decision to trim a birds wing is an individual’s decision to make.

The main reason for clipping bird’s flight feathers is to prevent them from flying out of an open window either accidentally or intentionally.

However, it is quite normal for other birds to fly but for broilers and layers, such flight could cost the owner a chicken and the chicken, its safety.

Therefore, to ensure the safety of their birds chicken owners choose to clip the primary feathers.

Clipping the chicken’s wings, we limit their ability to access indoor windows, ceiling fans, ovens, sinks, toilets, and doorways.

Also, to enhance the bonds between birds and it’s owner, it is important to clip the primary feathers so that they can always depend on the owners. This doesn’t dispute the fact that pet birds who can fly do not form close relationships with their owners.

The backside to clipping is that, just as we usually use the phrase “I will break those wings of yours” on humans to portray how much you will damage their ego, birds who are deprived of flying out will also experience psychological and physical damage too.

Also, clipping bird’s wings takes away their natural source of movement, and if the bird is a domesticated one, clippings may prevent them from having a proper amount of exercise

This will make them easy prey to predators like snakes, cats, dogs, etc.

Being aware of the effects of breaking your chicken’s wings, it is left for you to decide if you’re still doing it or not.

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If your answer is no, then the rest of the guide isn’t for you but if you want to go ahead and clip their feathers, for their own safety, follow through the rest of the guide to learn how it can clip your birds properly.

Method of clipping chicken’s wings

Chickens do not have the singular ability to fly like other birds do, instead, they can flap their wings with enough velocity to propel them over fenced and even out of the coop.

Considerably, clipping your chicken’s wings is a must especially when you have a backyard free-range chickens.

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This will prevent them from escaping, getting lost, or being attacked by predators.

If you’ve never clipped a chicken’s wings before, it may seem a bit difficult to do it. Do not fret, because the process is both easy and less dangerous.

Required materials

  1. A pair of scissors
  2. Towels
  3. Pliers
  4. Corn starch
  5. Gauze


1. Get hold of a chicken

Catching a chicken isn’t really easy for most people, l remember how l used to pursue my dad’s broilers around the coop in counting days, and they will scamper everywhere, raising dust in the farm and making a lot of noise.

But, there were birds that never prove difficult to catch. I came to discover that most chicken is docile, and love being touched and held. While, others are afraid of humans and run ahead around the farm to escape being caught.

So, whether you are about to grip a docile chicken or not, you just have to corner them in a small space so they have less area to run away. Also, you can throw a towel over them to slow them down for you to grab them.

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With time, you will get used to catching your chickens.

2. Calm the chicken

To get your chickens to calm down, spend some time and invert them so that they can go into a trance and become docile.

3. Expose the wings

When the chicken is calmed and turned upside down, find the wings you are supposed to clip.

The primary feathers are the ones suitable for clipping, do grab them gently and pull it aware from the chicken’s body.

To identify the primary feathers, look out for feathers with different colors and longer length.

Most farmers prefer to clip one wing, while other clips with wings. The ideology is that no matter which wings you clip, the bird will thrown off balance.

This is because, if he is having the wings that promotes flight clipped, it will impair the process.

However, you can choose to clip the wing either on the right side or left side as long as you are consistent with the wings, in the following month



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