Erecting a chicken moat for growing chicken herbs

Erecting a chicken moat for growing chicken herbs

A chicken moat is not a waterway but it does provide the garden with an effective protective enclosure.

The double wall of fencing and the ever-diligent patrol flock prevent the entry of things such as weeds, insects, rabbits, groundhogs, deer, and other predators.

All in all, it’s a brilliant solution to the question of having to fence the birds or the garden by the chicken farmer.

The chicken moat provides a clean edge around the garden, keeping unwanted grasses, weeds, and insects from migrating down into your chicken plot.

This is effective when a grasshopper tries to destroy your chicken yard, the hens will gorge themselves on the invading horde and saved your chicken plot.

The double line of defense discourages the majority of possums, land hogs, and rabbits from attempting to harvest free vegetables from the garden.

Deer can quickly clear a single tall fence, but they can’t find enough space to gather for a second leap in the six-foot-wide moat.

And since the moat is built with accurate calculations, you will avoid losing hens to hawks which are those raptors who can escape the possible clogging of two fences too close together.


How to create your own chicken Moat

  • Do a thorough inspection of the site first, and involve yourself in plenty of pencil and paper planning.


  • Buy a heavier, more durable gauge of six-foot fencing than the regular chicken wire. Building your moat will take a fair deal of work, so make it out of sturdy materials and you won’t have to do a lot of work later on.
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  • Build your gates tight and strong because they are the system’s weak links. And be very sure to make at least one gate wider than the widest item you’ll ever want to drive in or out of the garden example, garden cart, tiller, etc.


  • Build a tunnel from culvert or concrete block under each gateway, so that the hens can move between all sections of the moat, without restrictions.


  • First erect your outer fence, bracing it securely at all corners and ends with diagonal posts as much as possible. Then, you can wire your inner fence to your exterior one appropriately.


  • It will also be considered smart to dig a trench and partially cover the outer fence with cedar stakes which will be holding it down in order to prevent burrowing predators.


  • Make sure you can get into the moat for required maintenance by creating a stepladder or extra gate. It would be much easier to have a greater ratio of hens to the area; as the season progresses the weeds grow faster than the flock can feed.


  • Then one more tip, put some old boards in the moat, then turn them over each morning with a hoe handle to reveal hidden slugs so that you can get rid of them.

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