Feathers as one of the by-products of chicken

Feathers as one of the by-products of chicken

While feathers are almost always deemed a by-product of poultry farming and sometimes a by-product of waste, some farmers are raising poultry explicitly for their feathers.

Feathers are used for a variety of decorative objects such as boas, feather fans, masks, costume apparel, bird ornaments, and sometimes even earrings and floral. Feathers are also widely used in the production of fishing flies.

Research has shown that keratin in the feathers that is a protein often found in fur, hoofs, horns, and wool can be used in the processing of a wide range of items.

The uses of feathers as a by-product of chicken

  • Feathers are made up of 90% keratin

Chicken feather waste, which is produced in large amounts almost worldwide, is usually generally incinerated or ends up in landfills or as low-grade animal feed. But she argues that it has the potential to be a valuable resource. Feathers are made up of 90% keratin, the same fibrous protein that gives fur, hoofs, and horns their durability.

  • Strong plastic

Much of the waste is a valuable resource, especially due to its high keratin content, the feathers are likely to create plastics that are stronger and more tear-resistant compared to those that use modified starch or plant proteins, for example.

  • Removes all pathogens

In the manufacturing industry, they must be sanitized before processing to eliminate any pathogens.

Since the feathers are also very thin, it can be difficult to get them to flow through the machines, to pre-treat the feathers so that they can be kept clean and secure to handle and to convert them into raw materials.

  • Raw materials based on feather

The manufacturing industry developed samples of feather-based materials that could be used for packaging, using a process in which the heated material is poured into the mold to form it. Their next goal is to scale up their manufacturing process for industrial production and to check how well feather-based raw materials perform in specific end products.

  • Researchers and scientists looking into how food packaging can be made from feathers, but they are also creating other materials, such as controlled-release fertilizers, composite materials, and fire retardancy coatings, based on economic and technological feasibility.
  • Circular economics

The business claims that demand for circular economy goods, where by-products from one sector are used as raw materials from another, will benefit from a trend known as conscious consumerism.

  • The Prospect of Feathers

The widespread use of feather fiber in consumer goods and as a higher quality feed for animals is still in the future. Currently, composting is still the most cost-effective re-use of feathers; the modern methods have not yet had much impact on more than one million tons of feathers produced each year.

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No technique can yet be used to process it at the level needed to manage the waste produced by even a single poultry production facility. Disposal, composting, digesting, and recycling are gaining ground in the handling of poultry feathers, but the sheer volume created overwhelms the existing processing infrastructure.

With each plant generating more than 65,000 pounds of feathers each day, manufacturers need strategies that will address the practical issue of removing the old feathers to create room for waste from freshly pasteurized chickens. For now, waste materials and feather meal manufacturing is the only re-use system responsible for keeping up with the number of feathers produced.

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