Going on vacation? How to take care of your chicken while on a trip


So you’re exhausted and jaded, and you need some time to go on a vacation, but you can’t figure out who will take care of your flock as well as you do?

It’s going to happen to all of us, no matter how much we love our chickens, we will need a break. But we can’t figure out how to make sure our chickens are just as well cared for as we want them to be.

If you’re planning a short time away from your flock or a few weeks away, with a bit of careful preparation, there are ways to do it and you don’t need to feel bound to your chickens all year round.

Yeah, it’s true-other people will take care of your flock if you put a few basic safeguards in place first! Here are those quick steps to make sure you get the holiday you deserve!

Invest in an automatic feeder while on vacation.

This is probably the best investment you’re ever going to make, because, with one fell swoop, it will get rid of rats from your coop, and allowed your flock to eat at will, making sure they had access to food all day.

It has the added advantage of keeping up to 20 lbs of feed, which is enough to keep up to 12 chickens content for up to 10 days. So even though you’re on leave for a couple of weeks, someone who looks after your flock would just need to top it up once or twice. Good for your flock, perfect for you, good for your chicken sitters.

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Set up an automated watering system while on vacation.

There are a number of examples on the internet of home-made versions of drinkers that will keep your flock hydrated for a few days. If you don’t want the hassle to do anything right before you go, look into buying something like this.

Remember to put it in the shade, and add other bowls around the lane, so there’s always water on the tap.

Your chickens can drink a lot more than normal in hot weather and will need some extra help to keep them cool and hydrated. Ice can melt gradually in your watering pans throughout the day, so leave the stock in your freezer. Also, invest in a few watermelons before you leave for your holiday.

Automate the pop key 

If the automatic feeder was my best find, my automatic pop door must be next on the list! No more having to get up at dawn to let my flock go, no more running home to lock them away safely in the evening. It’s all done automatically.

Use the timer to adapt it to the times you want. Allow it to be opened at dawn and closed at dusk using a light sensor. When you want to open or close it at various times, just use the button.

Grow the sprouts and other treats

Not only can you sprout, but leave a good mixture of treats for your chickens while you’re gone. It’s possible that whoever looks after them won’t spend the kind of time you’re doing with your flock, so it’s not a smart idea to free-range them when you’re away-I’ve noticed that chicken sitters are too happy to be able to handle free-range safely.

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Plan for emergency situations while on vacation.

They’re going to happen, and the last thing you want is a panic phone call when you’re away. So be prepared for that. Check your coop carefully for predator-like entrances. Fix some gaps in the fence, including the smallest holes in the coop. You don’t want the workers to have to deal with the rodents.

Leave your favorite veterinarian’s name, contact number, and address.

Have an emergency kit (and tell your sitter how to use whatever it includes.

If you are very confident of your sitter’s ability to take care of them, don’t leave someone in charge of hatching eggs or young chicks. Too much can go wrong very badly.

By the end of the day, make sure your sitters know that if a chicken dies or is killed, it’s not the end of the world. You may want them to come back, and if you do a lot of it, they won’t.

Find a responsible person to take charge while you away on vacation.

If you have automated systems in place, you probably won’t have to involve someone else if you’re gone for two or three days. Eggs are going to be perfect left in the coop, even though you expect them to be filthy when you come back. But if you’re going longer, you can’t risk leaving your flock to their own devices. So you need to seek assistance from a responsible who will help look after your flocks while you are gone.

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