How certain factors change egg-laying

How certain factors change egg-laying

Egg-laying in healthy, young hens is a natural part of chicken reproduction. There are several factors that may influence the development of chicken eggs such as diet, daylight, and illnesses.

Poultry farmers need to be aware of possible problems that may occur in preventing your flock and eventually your egg business from losses in growth.

Why light affects egg-laying

Some hens lay more eggs in the spring and summer and taper development in natural light conditions during the fall and winter. Hens require long days in which to lay eggs. During winter you should give your hens a break.

We do not recommend adding light to the coop to extend the production of eggs and the laying time. If you want to install a light, you can have a light bulb on a timer and start in the early hours of the morning while it is still dark.

Why Egg Laying Changes with Age in chickens

Most hens are already laid past five years. If your hens have stopped laying and are only a couple of years old, it is more likely to be either a molt or a season than their age.

Chickens raising isn’t about laying eggs altogether. Know how to keep your older chickens from being creaky and cranky?

How Calcium Additives  affects egg-laying

The chicken eggs contain a lot of calcium. Chickens with a nutritional deficiency cannot lay adequately or just as well and you can see a shell consistency difference. If you find eggs with thinner eggshells, it could be because calcium stocks in your hens have dropped.

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Leaches of calcium from their bones and other body reserves are now depleted. You need to help supplement your diet with free-choice crushed shells of oysters or some other type of calcium.

How diseases affects egg-laying

Chickens’ disease can be a devastating factor not only for the production of eggs but also for the health of the entire flock. Fowlpox, coccidiosis, and infectious bronchitis are some common diseases found in egg-layers.

Fowlpox is a viral infection that causes chickens to diminish body growth and egg production. It causes skin sores and scabs and can be transmitted by either mosquitoes or infected chickens.

Where to buy Chickens in Akwa Ibom State

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