How cold water affects broilers

How cold water affects broilers

How Broiler chickens respond to cold water in hot weather is very similar to the craving for a chilled drink you and I have after a long walk under the sun. The likeness for cold water in meat birds is very dramatic compared with other types of chicken, popularly referred to as broilers. Broilers are known to consume much water and feed throughout their lifespan, which is relatively shorter than the chicken (layers) type of the egg. 

  • The Clear Reason

The science behind that craving is the need to maintain temperature in the body. This activity places a lot of demand on the broiler called the meat-making machine. Anyone who has successfully brought up broilers to maturity can tell of their remarkable rate of growth.

The development of a broiler is essentially noticeable every day. This is due to this type of chicken being able to convert a large amount of feed eaten to meat.

Still referring to the bird as a meat-making machine, it is only reasonable to infer that the process of feed conversion will produce a lot of heat. If you have access to a broiler already, you can place your hand beneath its wings and see how hot it is.

  • Here’s How to Keep Calm

Having determined that the body temperature of a broiler is fairly high, let’s find ways to help it cool down. Temperature is a very important factor to remember when preparing for your broiler chickens, which type of housing to use. Whether you are going into commercial broiler chickens production or just need a backyard setting, housing is key.

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The type of housing for broilers needs to make room for good ventilation. The amount of shade you provide around the broiler cage is equally important.

Enough shade keeps your chickens healthy and is motivating them to eat more. Know that, the more you feed, the more you grow and the better your outcome

Most importantly, never put water trough for your chickens under the sun. If you can’t give anything shade it shouldn’t be their water.

  • Is it Weird to give cold water or ice to your broiler?

When it comes to keeping the body temperature of your broilers cool during hot weather, you may not “overdo” it. You can also give them cold water in the hot afternoon, in addition to providing shade for their water. Just add ice to their water bowl.

If you have a broiler nipple drinker system with an easily reachable bucket, you can add the ice to the water bucket. This will make sure the water remains cool during exceptionally hot periods.

Feeding plays a very important role in any animal’s life and development and chickens are no exception. Of course, hungry chicken won’t be interested in the feed you have.

Warm water is not ideal for the already warm body of a broiler, either. The need to always serve cool freshwater thus improving good metabolism and preventing heat stress.




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