How to deworm chickens using pawpaw seeds

How to deworm chickens using pawpaw

The need to deworm chickens comes with the desire to obtain from your birds the full production. And naturally, deworming your chickens means that.

Why Use Pawpaw Seeds to deworm chickens

You may want to know why you have to use pawpaw seed to deworm chickens, but stay with me, I will put you through the details.

Since the emphasis is on obtaining a natural agent that can remove worms from chickens, first I find pawpaw seeds that stand out in their effectiveness.

Research demonstrates its ability to remove all roundworms and tapeworms that may hinder your birds from growing well. With pawpaw seeds, all worms can be disposed of within 2-3 days of use.

Another reason why pawpaw seeds are chosen is because it is an agricultural waste. Which means it will cost you practically anything to get. In my own case, I’ve just got to approach people slicing and selling pawpaw and they’ve always been happy to give me.

For them, it is a waste product, but to me, it is something of great value.

When should you use pawpaw seed to deworm chickens?

There are some signs and indications that the worms might infest your chickens. Slow growth and a lack of appetite are one prominent symptom. It’s almost like the worms eat the food while your bird eats.

The color and shape of your chicken feces can also act as a hint to getting worms and should be dewormed. Also, since the use of pawpaw seeds for chickens does not have an adverse effect you can deworm on a routine. Maybe just once a month, or so.

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How to use pawpaw seeds to deworm your chickens

Through optimizing the use of any pawpaw tree near you, you can now choose to give your chickens a healthier life. When you harvest your papaya seeds, you will take these measures to dewater your chickens naturally.

  • Break a pawpaw in half
  • Exhale the seeds and wash them to exclude the yellows
  • Sun-dry the seeds until well dry
  • Grind powder
  • Now you have to give 3 grams of powder per kg live-weight of chicken to cure worms. Which is, you need to administer 9 grams of the powder if you have a chicken which is 3KG in weight.
  • For as many chickens as you have you can do the Calculations.
  • To dewater them naturally, you can apply the pawpaw seed powder to their feed for 2-3 days

Benefits of this deworming method

  • The pawpaw seed powder easy to store
  • The dosage is definite which is 3 grams per KG live bird weight
  • It’s cheap; you’re not even needed to buy something
  • This doubles as a coccidioid cure
  • You can also choose to add to the water rather than feed.


Intestinal worms are fighting for the nutrients in their body with your poultry, so they should be extracted as soon as possible. This is to ensure that the weight of your chickens hits the market as when due.

It has been found that the use of Pawpaw seed powder is highly effective in removing worms and you can try it today

Where to buy Chickens in Akwa Ibom State

Since chicken is the only meat that has no negative health conditions, you can always use it to prepare any local and continental dishes of your choice. In Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, you can buy chickens from at the following locations;

  • Uyo, The Akwa Ibom State capital:

    Number 215 Udo Umana Street opposite Akpan Andem Market, Uyo

  • Oron, Akwa Ibom State:

    Number 27 Market Square by Aba Street, Oron, Akwa Ibom State



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