How to eliminate rats in the chicken coop

How to eliminate rats in the chicken coop

Having rats in the chicken house is something nobody wants to see. And it’s not always easy to tell the difference between rats and mice. It’s tempting to see facts, and to say, “It’s just a little field mouse, what harm can he do?” Don’t leave it.

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Use poison to eliminate rats.

An efficient means of elimination, but not a long-lasting solution. I had to use rat poison because the rodent infestation had become too big by the time I realized that any other, longer-term approach would potentially put my chickens at risk of disease. Rats are multiplying very rapidly. But poison really ought to be the last resort. It’s an awful death for rodents, potentially dangerous to pets, livestock and humans, and not a matter to be taken lightly.

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Use the electrical traps to get rid of rats.

Such traps are battery operated. The rodent, drawn by a yummy treat to the cage, steps on a metal plate. This triggers an electrical shock that kills immediately. The biggest benefit is that it is fairly fast and the rat is killed without blood being shed, which makes it easier to clean up. It’s also difficult for dogs or poultry to fit inside, so it’s safe for other species. So they’re not hurting the climate.

The old favorite-snap frames.

Fast and effective, but messy. When to use it. Placed in areas where you know the rodents are going, usually along the edge of a chicken run or a detached house.

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Place them out of the reach of your babies, chickens, or other animals. Keep them there for a few days without baiting before the rodents get used to them. Rats are patient animals, so they’re not going to get close to something new and unknown.

Cheese is the accepted bait, but try to bait it with peanut butter, really! The rats are really drawn to the smell, so you’re just going to need a tiny dandruff.

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The human traps for rats.

The strongest human traps are made of metal. You’ll find details about making plastic bottles on the internet, but even the mice can gnaw through a bottle in a matter of minutes. Rats are going to take seconds.

Is the removal of rats a priority? Have a cat around

Not a choice for everyone and you need a cat of the right sort! This is third on my list because it’s another option I’ve found that is very successful, particularly when combined with a battery-operated trap. If you’re thinking about getting a cat to keep control of the mouse or rat population, it really needs to be a big feral or barn-like animal that’s used to living outside and taught its mother how to deal with the problem. The smaller, domesticated cats are unlikely to have the strength to take on a full-grown rodent.

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Be alert, however, on how any cat interacts with chickens. It’s very normal for cats to kill baby chicks-after all, they look like birds to a cat-and some may even take full-grown hens.

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Use glue to get rid of rats

Used mainly by commercial companies because they are cheap and very effective. They’re basically glued pads set in rat-run locations. If the rodents-or something else-move to them, they find themselves trapped. The animal either dies of starvation trying to flee, starves to death. We catch everything that passes past them, including insects and birds.  If the animal doesn’t suffer from fatigue or physically break itself apart trying to flee, you’re going to have to kill it.

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