How to foster consistency in Broiler Chickens

To be a good broiler, you need to be aware of this trick and do everything possible to make your broiler flock more uniform.

How to foster consistency in Broiler Chickens

Uniformity in broiler chickens can directly impact the income of a farmer, whether he knows it or not. The uniformity of broiler chicken is measured based on the weight variation of the same flock/batch of broiler chickens. To be a good broiler, you need to be aware of this trick and do everything possible to make your broiler flock more uniform.

Why do you profit from this knowledge?

As easy as this is, many farmers are unaware of the market and are unable to optimize their profits. So you can maximize your own profit, it’s high time you began paying attention to the small details that bring you massive income. Let me show you quickly some factors influencing broiler chickens’ uniformity, and how you can use them to your own advantage.

  • Starting with Brooding

From their brooding, the problem of unevenness in the weight of your broiler flock begins. If a farmer manages to achieve good uniformity in broiler chickens during their first 4 weeks of life, the rest will be easy.

  • How Lighting will affect Broiler Chickens uniformity

Lighting is an important aspect of a broiler’s life from the chick stage through to the market stage. During brooding, proper lighting provides fair access to feed for your broiler chickens. And what your broilers need to grow for the records is feed. If some birds are left in an area of low light while others have exposure to ample light, it is difficult to rule out unevenness. That’s why you need to ensure your light source evening is distributed across the pen. Often, remove bad bulbs as soon as you find this is vital to your business benefit.

  • Cold Because of poor bedding/waste

This refers to those who use the Deep Litter system. If your pen’s floor isn’t sufficiently coated with the litter material, some of your chicks are exposed to bare air. That will result in cold, and they’ll be sitting on the floor trying to create heat for themselves. Even if these cold birds eat, a good amount of the feed will end up being used to generate heat.

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The interesting thing is that this part is overlooked by many farmers, and doing what’s right will set you ahead. Make sure you get enough shavings of wood or any other litter material and spread it all over the pen. Do not leave any floor bare, it’s bad for your chickens.

  • Cold because of low ventilation

This is quite similar to the one previously described. If you don’t give the required heat to your broilers, or the heat isn’t circulating properly, your broiler chickens’ uniformity will be compromised. Always ensure that heating devices are placed in strategic positions to even aid heat circulation. Also, if you notice that some chicks are crowded together it could be due to low heat. So, go straight on to test your thermometer. Don’t let the cold take the income from you.

  • How Lack of Food affects Uniformity in Broiler Chickens

It’s just natural that some chicks are stronger than others. However, by providing enough feed you can help the weaker ones grow fast. If you fail to supply your broiler chickens with enough feed, the stronger ones will eat first. To the weaker ones, leaving nothing.

The longer you practice this evil, the greater the gap in weight and size, and the greater the profit you lose. Here’s what we can do. Please provide your birds with adequate feed to foster weight and size uniformity of your broilers.

  • How Sorting Affects Broiler Chickens Uniformity

Sorting is not a term restricted to fish farming but is also relevant in broiler farming. When feeding, male broilers are considered to be more aggressive than the females. They also tend to cheat the females, and thus the need to separate the males from the females. You should separate them as soon as you add the grower mash, usually at the start of their fifth week.

  • How poor Broiler House guidance affects uniformity

Your broiler pen is normally oriented East-West. That is, the broiler pen sides do not face the sunrise and sunset. If it does, your pen will be high in solar radiation. Now you want to ask me how the uniformity of broiler chickens can affect this. I’m happy to answer your question. The sun will heat up the broiler house and the drinkers, the water in the drinkers affected.

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Not every drinker will be affected now. Yet neither the broilers drinking from the drinkers affected will be allowed to drink. This in turn will affect their feeding, as they won’t want to eat too. Meaning, while some of those who drink cool water eat, the rest pant and pray for rain. Well, I trust they will even survive the heat. They won’t grow evenly, if they do.

  • How Diseases affect consistency in Broiler Flock

A lot of poultry diseases start in the intestine and naturally affect feeding. That is, they don’t eat well when your broilers have these sicknesses. Now, I want to remind you that with just a small fraction of the flock, most illnesses begin. Although others are healthy, some are sick, and do not eat well. As a poultry farmer, failure to tackle / combat these diseases promptly can have a significant effect on their growth.

  • How poor ventilation in Broiler Chickens affects uniformity

The dangers of poor ventilation are numerous and one of these is poor uniformity in broiler chicks. Bad ventilation can lead to increased Co2 and less oxygen (O2) in your broiler oven. As oxygen is required for every aspect of the life of your chicken, insufficient supply will affect growth. That means you plan for uneven growth in your broiler flock with poor ventilation. The solution is – use appropriate accommodation, hang curtains when needed, and always have cross ventilation.

Implication of uneven growth or poor uniformity in Broiler Chickens

  1. Low market value for your birds:

It will hurt you if your broiler chickens are unable to achieve uniformity in production. Before the rest, some of your birds will reach target weight and you will either spend more time fattening or sell-off. Either way, you’ll lose some money.

  1. Delayed sales:

People will most likely refuse your offer if they buy in large quantities. At best, if you fail to achieve uniformity in your broiler chickens, they will pick the big chickens.

  1. Delayed cropping and storage:

If you practice an all-in system, you will have to delay cropping due to the birds that fail to reach the target weight. This will delay the next stocking

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I’m very sure you don’t want your investment to be lost, so you want a full return on it. If that is so, then you are going to treat uniformity as necessary in broiler flocks.


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