How to get rid of flies in the chicken coop

How to get rid of flies in the chicken coop

Flies are mischievous, riddled with illness, and plentiful. They’re quick to colonize once they invade, and almost impossible to exterminate.

Livestock are particularly attracted to outdoor flies. If you have chickens, at this very moment you probably have them giggling around the chicken coop

Lucky for you, we’re here to share our tips and tricks that have ended up getting rid of flies for good.

How do I have chicken flies in my coop?

Flies tend to congregate for several reasons in areas where the livestock live. They’re attracted first of all by the smell of manure and decomposing food.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, chickens are pooping a lot, and they tend to make their food, water, and treats a big mess too.

Flies also prefer chicken coops as they like to raise in humid or wet environments. Litter that has been moistened by rain, droppings, or water fountains is a great pest breeding ground.

Best way to get rid of Chicken Coop flies

  • Purify the Coop

First off, absolutely clean out the coop. Flies are drawn to humidity and scent, and they feed on manure. Take it off ASAP.

Clear the litter from the coop and run inside. Clean any leftover feeds, kitchen scraps or old eggs you may find along the way. Scrub white vinegar on the inside of the coop.

Put fresh, dry litter in the coop and run when the coop’s completely dry.

Also, take the time to make sure water doesn’t pool anywhere as this is where flies love breeding. Safe water fountains, so that they do not spill onto the dry litter. If the chicken run has no roof, place tarps over the top to prevent the water from pouring in.

  • Get any fly traps for yourself

This is totally non-toxic so use around livestock is healthy. When you put it out the first time, in just a few days it filled up completely to the limit.

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To fill the trap carefully follow the instructions on the bottle. The best trap place is on the ground, on a sunny spot. It can be hanging up if you can’t put it directly on the ground so try to get it as close to the ground as you can. Make sure the pop-top on the lid is up, so flies can go into the trap holes.

Placing the trap at least 30 feet away from the Chicken Coop is a safe idea. The intention is to clear the flies from the coop, so put the container where you want it to be, not where it is.

This trap also starts to smell bad as it fills, so keeping it away from foot traffic is a good idea.

If the Captivator Fly Trap doesn’t seem to attract flies at once, give it a couple of days for the attractor to really kick in. If the trap is filled with flies or becomes too smelly it needs to be emptied.

Experience should teach you that the trap cannot be emptied into a trashcan, not just because it stinks too much, but also because new entrants to the trap are already alive and can escape after drying off.

Instead, try to find a great way to get rid of the flies without any survivors risking it. Simply dig a hole deep around a foot, pour the trap contents into the hole quickly and fill it back in as fast as possible.

When the trap is drained, replenish it with water and attractant and start over again. We buy extra fly attractant in bulk and have it on hand at all times.

  • Maintain a Coop’s Cleanliness

Now that you know how to get rid of flies you must focus on keeping them safe. It is so important to take time to either lay down some fresh litter at least once a week, or remove what’s soiled in the coop and run. Using a dropping board beneath the roost is helpful here. Every morning the droppings can be washed off and disposed of, removing them completely.

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Another great choice is using the coop ‘s Deep Litter system. The Deep Litter system offers a good habitat for useful bacteria and nematodes that help hold the insect population down to the microscopic level. This method takes some effort to do it properly but for healthy, happy chickens we feel it is worth it!

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The safe handling practices listed above are not the only ones, if you know more, you can feel free to share with us in the comment box.



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