How to successfully raise backyard chickens

What reason do you have for starting the business? Is it for profitable income or consumption? If it's for the purpose of earning, then you should be ready to handle your business in a way that you get higher returns.

How to successfully raise backyard chickens
How to successfully raise backyard chickens

Do you want to start a backyard chickens rearing in your house? Are you thinking of starting a simple poultry business in your yard? If you are, then this article will guide you on how to successfully achieve it.

 Why backyard chickens?

So far, so good, backyard chickens are said to be the beat. Their eggs are more natural and nutritious and chickens raised in the backyard are healthier than some factory chickens. Plus, their excrete can serve as good fertilizer if you have a farm. You can as well sell it and make some extra money.

To mention a few, there is everything to gain from starting a poultry business at your backyard.


1. Make up your mind!

Before you venture into the poultry business, you have to understand everything that comes with it. You should know what to expect and be ready to handle any form of challenge and even loss. You should consider your time too. As a poultry farmer, you should create time to oversee the welfare of your chickens. If you won’t be having enough time, you can consider employing an experienced person to take care of the poultry farm.

You should also know that raising chickens can be somewhat disgusting and smelly. So you should be able to handle this and keep the environment neat.

What reason do you have for starting the business? Is it for profitable income or consumption? If it’s for the purpose of earning, then you should be ready to handle your business in a way that you get higher returns. To be a good manager, you must be fully ready – financially and otherwise.

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Everything has to be put in place for the arrival of the chickens.

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    2.  Capital

After you have made up your mind, the next thing is how much capital you’ll be needing to start. If you want to start with just a few chickens, the capital should be put in place.

The cost of setting up the poultry house, feed providing feed and drugs should be available.

You’ll need to invest good money and aim at getting higher returns.

 3. Choose the type/breed of chicken you want to rear

Chickens are of different types. They are categorized into the broilers, the layers, and the mix breeds.

Broilers are raised mainly for their meat. Layers, for their eggs.

Select the most suitable breed for you.

4. Prepare the chicken house

Chicks require a warm temperature. Ensure the temperature of the poultry house is warm. If the climate condition is cold, there should be a heating lamp in the brooder to keep the chickens warm.

The poultry house should be well ventilated and spaced as well.

5. Do not overstock the chickens

Make sure the chickens are not overstocked. Overstocking your chickens is a very poor management culture. They should have enough space to move around easily, eat and drink freely. And it is possible when they are not overstocked.

6.  Practice good hygiene

The poultry house should be clean and hygienic for your chicken as the environment. Growing chicks are very prone to health challenges because of their high mortality rate.

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Hygienic measures should be applied.

7. Buy your chicks from an estimable chicken supplier

To avoid high mortality in chicks, but your chicks from a trusted supplier. Ensure that they have been vaccinated against potential diseases and are healthy.

  8.  Feed and water

Proper feeding is a notable factor in raising healthy backyard chickens. Assure that the proper food diet is in place for the chickens.

Chicken feed should be rich in protein and other nutrients. Give them feed adequately to avoid starvation and malnourishment.

They also need a lot of clean and healthy water to drink. The water they drink should be hygienic and maintain a cool temperature. Change drinking water every day too.

Drinkers and feeders should be washed regularly to prevent germs.

9. Get a trusted veterinarian for your chickens

Just like you’d get a family doctor for the health of your family, get a vet for your chickens. Young chicks are prone to various diseases and need a vet to watch their health and vaccinate them regularly. The vet will also guide you on drugs to give to your chickens to improve nutritional balance and relieve them when they are stressed.

If any of your chickens shows any abnormal behavior or doesn’t have a normal physical appearance, consult the chicken’s vet immediately. Also ensure that diseased birds are removed from the healthy ones.

Chicken business is fun, easy and very profitable. Follow the guidelines and have a very efficacious poultry business at your backyard!



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