Is hatching chickens hard? Let’s find out

Is hatching chickens hard?

It might really seem overwhelming to have the idea of hatching chickens on your own, after all, is there a harder and more delicate act than bringing a newborn into the world?


Hatching chicken the natural way

Hatching chickens by letting the hen do his natural thing is less of a hand on approach for you and not much easier as time-consuming. But handling the mother hens can be a chaotic experience at times!


In order for your hatching chickens to experience the process naturally, you need fertilized eggs that can be purchased or acquired by adding a rooster to your flock, naturally.


The Easy Bits:

The mother hen takes charge of the temperature control, the moisture control, and makes the eggs her own. Essentially you just need to sit back and wait for a day of hatching.


There’s something sweet about the natural way of hatching chickens, and watching a mother hen raise her children.


The mother hen can teach typical cheeps and peeps to her unborn chicks while they are in the egg, and chickens have different tones for each situation.


The Difficult Bits:

A broody little hen is a moody hen, so some hens may give up the eggs before the chicks break through the shell. There is no real way of predicting this behavior until it does happen



Hatching chickens with an incubator

An incubator is an apparatus which essentially takes the hen’s place. It controls heat and humidity, and spins the eggs for you three times a day gently.

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This gives you much more control over the process, but this of course means that there is much more to consider but as you play a direct part, it’s a fun way to hatch chickens and get a front-row seat to the action.


The Easy Bits:

Having a fully fitted incubator means you just don’t have to do anything but keep a close eye on the temperature and humidity gauges.


Understanding that the incubator can nurture the eggs to their full term, you will feel healthy-not like a chicken who can abandon the eggs.


The Difficult Bits:

Equipment sometimes doesn’t work as it should-keep a watchful eye on ensuring the incubator is working properly. Check it before the incubating cycle commences.



This is a brief description of the hatching process just to give you a reference if you’re thinking about which choice to choose from, or if you’re going to start hatching. The actual cycle of what takes place during hatching is so complex that entire books were written on it!


The approach you choose is a matter of personal taste, and both have simple and tough things about them in terms of complexity. After all, you are generating a new life while you’re hatching chickens! There is one thing for certain and both experiences that are very satisfying.


The baby chickens may not know how to actually drink because they’re only hours old! The mother hen will teach her little babies how to drink from the freshwater if they have been born naturally so make sure there are some nearby.

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When the chickens are hatched with an incubator then a baby chicken waterer will pop into the incubator. If they haven’t cottoned to drinking within a few hours, you may need to persuade them by dipping their beak gently into the water.


Where to buy Chickens in Akwa Ibom State

Since chicken is the only meat that has no negative health conditions, you can always use it to prepare any local and continental dishes of your choice. In Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, you can buy chickens from at the following locations;

  • Uyo, The Akwa Ibom State capital:

    Number 215 Udo Umana Street opposite Akpan Andem Market, Uyo

  • Oron, Akwa Ibom State:

    Number 27 Market Square by Aba Street, Oron, Akwa Ibom State

  • Eket, Akwa Ibom State:

3 park road, opposite Chinese market, Eket.



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