Key to making your chickens lay big eggs

Key to making your chickens lay big eggs

The key to making your chickens lay big eggs will be the epicenter of this post.

The secret to having your chickens lay big eggs is one in which knowledgeable farmers do not divulge easily. And it seems as though no one knows that laying birds can start with big eggs.

Everyone is well aware that layers start laying small eggs first. Well, this article will be exploring with you the means by which you can get your chickens to start larger eggs. A lot of farmers have paid extra cost just to have egg boosters for their layers and most times the results are not usually what was needed.

The different ways you can get your chickens to lay big eggs are discussed below

1. Delay egg-laying: In order to have your chicken lay larger eggs, you must do something to suppress their laying until the 22nd weeks instead of 17th weeks. This helps them have enough time to mature automatically and physiologically.

2. Allow birds to mature: Whenever a chicken is allowed to mature before laying eggs, it will produce bigger eggs, since the bird’s body size is in proportion with the size of the chicken’s opening at the distal end of the oviduct.

3. Do not expose the chicken to light: Lighting plays a vital role in egg-laying and farmers usually set out a daily exposure of chicken to light, but since the aim is to suppress the egg production of the chicken, you need to reverse the lighting exposure of your chicken to less or none until they are ready to lay larger eggs.

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4. Feed intake: It directly affects the hens’ admission of supplements and the size of eggs that they produce. Any factor that cutoff points feed utilization, for instance, swarming, heat pressure, or insufficient water flexibly, will diminish egg size. Therefore, the birds should be properly fed and not underfed.

Conclusion: To raise chicken is a science and farmers can always manipulate some elements to get the results that they need. This had been confirmed effective in getting larger eggs.



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