Need some extra protein for your birds? Try this

Need some extra protein for your birds? Try this

Whatever extra protein snacks you want to give your hungry birds make sure it doesn’t amount to more than one tablespoon of protein per chick per day. It’s important to note that their feed often contains plenty of extra protein, so a teaspoon might not sound like enough, but it’s just meant to be an extra boost to their body, like taking a multivitamin. Below are some suggestions for feeding of extra protein to your chickens.


  • Boiled eggs

Yeah, cooked eggs sound strange, but believe me your chickens would love to suck those scrambled eggs down, for some extra protein.

It’s not surprisingly a very rich source of protein that will quickly help you chickens form new feathers during a moult, or just encourage their egg maker to really kick it up a knot. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t give them raw eggs as this might force your birds to start eating their own eggs shortly after they’ve laid them.


  • Mealworm

Mealworms are chicken treats contains some extra protein suitable for your birds. Your chickens would go crazy for them, whether they were served fresh or dried. When you want to promote the scratching of your chickens a little more, be sure to scatter them around the coop and backyard, which will certainly help your chickens to be happy.


  • Pumpkin seeds

One of the best scraps you can give your girls is the fresh pumpkin seeds. They are a dense of an extra protein source, as well as being rich in antioxidants that will make your ladies feel in top form. And make sure you save the seeds for the coop next time you carve a pumpkin up.

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  • Millets

Like oats, millet is a rich protein source, as well as other essential vitamins and minerals. This can be cultivated easily alongside water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and swamps. If you live in a wet place, make sure you plant some millet, which you can treat as soon as it is in season for your birds.


  • Fishes

Your chickens would be driven mad by savory fish like tuna and sardines. It won’t take them long to peck a tuna fish’s carcass clean, as their bodies love the high protein and omega-3 content that fish abundantly possess. If you send your flock canned sardines or tuna make sure it has no additives, such as salt or oil-fresh is always best.


  • Parsley

Chickens may not eat parsley directly from the garden, but if you mix it into their feed or other treats, they’re going to mash it down quickly. And, just as in a restaurant, make sure you garnish meals that you chickens here and there with only a touch of parsley.


There’s definitely a whole host of other extra protein treat ideas for your chicks, but this will give you an idea of some of the treats that are more common.


Where to buy Chickens in Akwa Ibom State

Since chicken is the only meat that has no negative health conditions, you can always use it to prepare any local and continental dishes of your choice. In Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, you can buy chickens from at the following locations;

  • Uyo, The Akwa Ibom State capital:

    Number 215 Udo Umana Street opposite Akpan Andem Market, Uyo

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    Number 27 Market Square by Aba Street, Oron, Akwa Ibom State

  • Eket, Akwa Ibom State:

3 park road, opposite Chinese market, Eket.



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