The most lucrative aspect of agriculture under poultry farming is rearing chickens. In order to have maximum results, there is a need to have certain equipment in place.

This article will be valuable to anyone who is starting a poultry farm because the equipment is an essential part of the production.

Also, equipment is needed for every phase in the cycle of rearing your chicken. It is therefore pertinent to have all your equipment around so that your job will be much easier.

Below is the equipment you need to have in your poultry farm

  1. Water Equipment

The important water equipment that you need to have in your poultry farm is the water equipment, they are of various types and sizes.

This includes Pan and jar type, Water basin made of plastic/wood/GI with grill, Bell-type automatic waterer, Nipple drinker, Manual drinker, etc.

The water equipment are used to fill in water in which the chickens can drink from. They kept in a position that prevents the birds from falling the water over which could get the farm prone to wittiness.

  1. Feeding equipment

The equipment used to feed birds on the farm is called feeders and they used to deposit bird food so the birds can have access to it.

Depending on the number of birds present on the farm, the feeders are positioned in a centralized and organize so that all the birds can have equal access to the feeds.

The feeding equipment includes Linear feeder, Circular feeder, Shell grit box, Automatic feeder, etc.

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Care must be taken to ensure that the feeders are cleaned in order to maintain the safety health of the birds.

  1. Heaters or Brooders

The heater or brooder is an equipment that is used to regulate and increase the temperature of the poultry farm so that the birds can be kept warm during the cold weather.

Heaters equipment includes Charcoal stove/kerosene stove, Gas brooder, Infra-red bulbs, Reflectors/ Hovers, etc.

  1. Incubators

When they are too many eggs to be hatched, the instrument used in the farm that helps to hatch eggs in an unnatural way is called the incubator.

  1. Chick box

This is the equipment used for laying eggs by the birds, this instrument helps the eggs to roll away to the attached tray and limit the possibility of damage the eggs.

  1. Fly Tray

The flytrap is used to control flies in the poultry farm. Thus the farmer uses the fly tray to reduce the number of flies on the farm.

  1. Poultry Plucker Rubber Finger

This equipment aids in dressing many chickens in a short period of time. It is applied to the chicken dressing machine, and it is fixed to the bottom and side plate of the dressing machine.

  1. Egg Tray

The egg tray is used in placing the eggs for sampling.

  1. Poultry Incubator Controller

This is an equipment used to control incubators and timer counter by displaying the temperature and humidity condition of the incubator.

  1. Ventilation Fan

It is used to ensure maximum ventilation in the poultry farm and also used to reduce the temperature of the poultry farm during hot weather.

  1. Laying Nest
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Laying nest is used to help the birds lay eggs. It also increases the egg productivity of the poultry birds.

  1. Egg Scale

The egg scale is used to weigh the weight of the eggs, it also helps the poultry farmer know the eggs that are fertile enough for the hatchery.

  1. Egg Washer

Egg washer is used to wash eggs before delivery, it uses egg washing powder alongside the water is added together in the egg washer to watch the eggs.

  1. Water Pots and Drinkers

The drinkers are used to supply water to the birds

  1. Cages and Coops

The cages and coops are used to keeping poultry birds and are suitable for small scale farming.

  1. Dressing Machine

After slaughter, the birds are feathered using this machine, it makes dressing easier, clean, and hygienic.

  1. Protective clothing

Humans need to use protective clothing like hair caps, disposable sleeves, boots, and coverall in order to avoid the transfer and contamination from the birds to man or vice versa.





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