Problems of poultry farming, and how to tackle them

Problems of poultry farming

Even with superb qualitative achievements and quantities in different areas of poultry farming sectors, the farming environment faces problems ranging from one area to another, and, the problems vary from location to location.

The modern poultry industry is aiming at low cost for high production, and improved quality. In addition to the growing demand for poultry meat, this requires continuous, efficient, and goal-oriented healthcare in order to prevent disease growth.

Whether you’re going to enter this lucrative company or you’re been into it before, you don’t have to be worried because every problem has its solution.

Any difficulty that you might find in your poultry farming business, will be analyzed in this article, and solutions will be preferred. The common problem faced by poultry farming involves one of these:

Financial difficulty as a problem in poultry farming

It is the most critical problem that affects more than 80 percent of farmers worldwide. Money contributes to your farm’s growth in one region or the next. Mind you, the amount of capital will decide your farm’s level, and how the equipment will be produced for your farm.

Capital access would help your farm grow faster than those without access to any financial support. And it is a known fact that some farmers usually want to get loans from a micro-finance banks, and the interest charge on the small amount they can afford is a lot, so they had to withdraw from such a program.

It doesn’t take much money to start a poultry farm company, though, but that’s when you can access this at the right moment.

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Lack of information is one of the problems in poultry farm

This is a bad problem as the first level entrepreneur in poultry farming. If you want to be successful in any business or anything at all in life, you need the correct information about the field you are going into.

Some people only jump into the method of poultry farming without the right information, while others get information from the wrong source.

Therefore, having the right details in all areas of your farm will benefit you and you’ll get the incentive on time.

Diseases and parasites are problems too

Diseases and parasites may cause loss in the production of eggs. Some bird breeds resist certain diseases which make them superior to those easily infected by many diseases.

Moreover, if you want to maximize the production of your laying birds, do everything you can to prevent them from any kind of disease. Moreover, you would never want to breed an ill chicken they could pass on the diseases to future generations and you would have a constant fight in your hands.

In case of any disease outbreak, treat them immediately so that they do not deter their production rate.

The right feed is essential for the growth of your birds

The food-related issue is another problem that we need to consider, as this determines the growth of the birds. Feeding is more than just feeding the birds, if you want them to do well they need healthy diets.

Some producers mix complete feeds with cheaper scratch grains, but doing so will dilute the levels of nutrients the chickens receive, and there may be prone to nutrient deficiencies.

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Nutrient deficiencies may have an adverse effect on pullet growth and hens production rates. Therefore, the level of feed a bird will eat depends on the sizes, age, and rate of production of eggs, including the energy level of feed and the temperature of the laying house.

The amount of feed that is consumed also depends on the birds breed. For instance, a Leghorn chicken eats about 1/4 pound of feed each day, while the brown-egg layers are slightly larger and need more food so they need more feed.

Water is also one of the problems in poultry farming

This problem should not be underestimated, the quality of the available water is very critical, the water acidity has to be tested and balanced before we offer to the birds.

Acidic water will have a negative impact on bird life as this will affect birds in many ways.

Drugs is also important in poultry farming

Drugs are a major challenge to poultry farmers, not all needed drugs are available on the market, and sometimes those available are fake.

When some are used for prolonged periods, the birds develop resistance to their effect, which makes it less effective.

The drugs available are not as effective as the former one, so that causes the farmers a lot of trouble. Apart from this, you should consult veterinary doctors to properly prescribe medicines that we need to administer.

Poultry farming management related problem

This refers to the general hygiene of the whole farming system if you apply the above-mentioned solution and the birds are still not cared for properly.

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You’ll end up wasting a huge amount of money that won’t materialize. 100 percent hygiene is best for the success of your chicken farming business.

So, clean their houses, wash their drinkers, and feeders properly. Remove from grounds the grasses to deter predators who may try to harm them.

Where to buy Chickens in Akwa Ibom State

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