EKOPAK Water Resistant Egg Crates/Egg Trays (Bundle of 100 Pieces)

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Your biggest desire as a poultry farmer is probably here! Our EKOPAK Water Resistant Egg Trays are amazing at keeping your eggs well and very affordable. Your eggs are well packed and resistant to the effect of water-based liquids (especially water) that may spill on the crates from time to time. We sell in bundles of 100.


Here’s why our water resistant carton egg crates are better than others:IMG_8639

  1. Prevention of seepage of the content of broken or soft shell eggs into the egg crates underneath and still remain strong and firm. Unlike several carton egg trays that will be destroyed by liquid from your eggs or water generally, our egg crates are very resistant to water while keeping your eggs well.
  2. Not Destroyed by Accidental Spillage of Water: While many common carton egg trays are easily destroyed by accidental spillage of water or unexpected rainfall, our water resistant egg crates will remain firm and strong and serve you for a long long time.
  3. Does Not Increase Number of Cracked Eggs: Using our water resistant carton egg crates on the farm will help reduce cracks because of their carton body that is tender and yet firm.
  4. Best for Transporting Eggs: If you will be transporting eggs from one location to another, your best bet is carton egg crates, and preferably our water resistant carton egg crates. Our EKOPAK water resistant carton egg crates will remain firm and strong despite the inevitable cracks that happen when transporting eggs.

Other Good Qualities of EKOPAK Water Resistant Egg TraysIMG_9625

Please note that our water resistant egg crates have the following awesome qualities:

  • EKOPAK water resistant egg crates are made from 100% recycled paper
  • They are 100% biodegradable and never nuisance to your farm or organization
  • They are suitable for automatic egg packaging on automated farms or if you plan to switch to an automated farm soon.
  • They are solid & reusable
  • EKOPAK water resistant egg crates were made to international standards
  • EKOPAK water resistant egg crates weight 68-72 grams
  • They are very suitable for small, medium and large eggs

Remember that we sell in bundles of 100 egg crates, so the price here is for a 100 pieces.



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