Proven ways to market and sell your broiler chickens

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Years in the business have given you tips on how to sell your broiler chickens, and how to target the best market. You can also sell all at once, and ask to bring more. I tell you that you’ll be happy by the time this reading is over.

And if you’re looking for where to sell your broiler chickens, or the best way to market your chickens, this is probably everything you need. Because within this post your miracle strategy may be locked somewhere, I advise you to carefully read it out.

Why some farmers find their chickens hard to sell

Although lack of planning is the main reason why many poultry farmers cannot sell their chickens, let’s see quickly what most farmers are doing wrong. Please listen closely again, and read carefully.

  • They last put ads

This is an important fact to consider when considering selling your broiler chickens. Even though it’s easy to get tempted without market analysis to start your broiler farming, please don’t be tempted. An efficient analysis of the market will help you understand your competition and know who will purchase your product.

  • Lack of understanding buyer’s personality

If you live in an environment in which many people choose to eat local chickens, it may be difficult to sell your broilers in the same place. You may not like what you get during sales except you are targeting a different market.

There are also people who prefer broilers 3 months old to those raised in 8 weeks’ time. Your understanding of who your purchaser is will help you understand what they want. If you can give what they want to your buyers, then it’ll be fun to sell your broiler chickens.

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Let’s think about what you should do with selling your broiler chickens now.

  • Seek a bigger market than your supply

You need a fairly large market when you are selling your broiler chickens. I mean, don’t start counting the number of members in your community or group of churches and what they’re all going to buy. You should aim for a market that is big enough, because even if 1-5 percent buy your stuff, things will have changed.

  • As a competitor, you will sell your broiler chickens

Interestingly, it stays quiet everywhere until the selling time when people begin to put their chickens out for sale. To many, they recall having competitors during this time.

You need to prepare ahead, and seek to be ahead of your rival’s two moves. Because you may not be able to offer a very competitive price at all times, you need to find ways to convince your customers to choose you.

How big are your chickens? Are they clean? Bid your delivery? Do you slaughter and clothe yourself? These are some of the things you may want to consider standing out in the contest. If you’ve organically raised your chickens this is the time to get the bounty that comes with Organic Chicken

  • The Magic of Selling Broiler Chickens is Bulk Sales

Hey! Sales by bulk can be very enriching. First, you get to sell all your chickens more easily with bulk sales, so you can start growing another batch. You keep feeding the remaining chickens without the bulk sales, which means more rearing capital. One thing you should know about bulk sales though, is that birds go at a lower price per unit. This is because re-sellers or restaurants are the ones buying in bulk.

  • Use Social Media to Sell Your Broiler Chickens

Thanks to technology, you can join farmers groups on Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp and market your product. You can use WhatsApp status update, Instagram, and more.

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The main technique here is perception. The more people become aware, the greater the chances that they will patronize you.

  • How to Sell Early Advertise Broiler Chickens

Prepare for the rush hour. One thing you ought to know is that people are the most instable in thinking. They are thinking to buy this minute and they even forgot about the drug the next minute. That’s why you need to start advertising early, and keep doing it consistently.

The border closure is already giving poultry farmers some degree of hope regarding sales. So, let’s stay hopeful and hope customers make a move from frozen chicken to broiler chickens alive. Whatever the direction things are going, the tips above will help you market your broiler chickens and sell great.


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