Should you help your chickens to hatch?

Should you help your chickens to hatch?

It’s time for your lovely birds to hatch, and incubators are abuzz with activity as chicken breeders at the backyard are hatching lot after a lot of chicks.


Incubation Day 21 is also a very exciting moment. You can hear cheeping and breaking eggshells, and your new chicks coming out one by one.


Chickens raising is a precarious Loss and Rebound journey. You can do all right, and yet lose birds, because this is life. Egg hatching is never a hundred percent success.


It’s expected but it’s still heart-wrenching when a chick breaks through the shell and gets stuck afterward. You’re still caught in a dilemma of asking yourself: can you help? Or do you have to let nature follow its course?

Do you use an incubator to hatch? Then, you are already cheating nature

But it’s important that you understand that you have already strayed from the course of nature by placing those eggs in the incubator.

There are many explanations for using an incubator including duration, quantity, and efficiency, but no matter what, you will always find that hatching rates are higher with a robust broody that holds perfect temperature and humidity conditions.


In other words, if something goes wrong during incubator hatching it is usually considered as your “fault.”

The temperature might have been too low or the humidity may not have been high enough. Anyway, it is your duty to support all the chicks that might have a chance to make it.

Don’t kick the birds that can’t hatch on its own out, they will do just fine

Some people claim that those chickens who cannot come out of the shell on their own are deformed and therefore, should be kicked out anyway.

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It shouldn’t be so, and we will state all our reasons. Sometimes, because of the sub-optimal hatching conditions, the chick gets stuck to the egg, but with some help from you, within a few days, it’ll be just perfect.


Most times, you will be required to peel the shell-like it’s a hard-boiled egg from the chick. Once it hatched it will be pretty small but a few days later you will no longer be able to tell the difference between this chick and his peers


When should you help your birds to hatch?

And when will you be helping with hatching? A central idea is to not do any harm first, and if the chick doesn’t have ample time to digest the yolk sac, they’ll die. Most people would agree that, in most situations, it is easier to step back.


But, if the chick has pipped that is made a hole in the shell, but has not zipped which means, pecked his way around the circumference of the egg for 24 hours, or if it has begun zipping but has failed to proceed further, and the membranes are drying, and at the same time, turning yellow, that means, the chick might be trapped.

How should you manage complications related to hatching?

In this case, prepare a bowl of lukewarm water, take the hatching egg out of the incubator, and start by gently breaking off bits of shell through wetting the membrane just below the shell, with your fingertips for a while.

Sometimes, the chick can get on with this kind of minimal help. Oftentimes, you’ll have to do the whole job, especially if the membrane was so dry, and stuck you will have to peel it off even though the shell was already gone.

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Also, be very careful not to hurt the delicate skin of the chick as they try to chip off the eggshell. Chicks are extremely fragile and you could make them bleed quickly unintentionally. Go slowly and steadily whenever it comes to helping your chicken hatch.

Where to buy Chickens in Akwa Ibom State

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  • Uyo, The Akwa Ibom State capital:

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  • Eket, Akwa Ibom State:

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