Should your farm fresh eggs be refrigerated?

Should your farm fresh eggs be refrigerated?

Do you have to refrigerate farm fresh eggs which is gotten directly from the farm? Go ahead and read on.

Why Don’t Farm Fresh Eggs need to be refrigerated

After being laid, all eggs come with what is termed bloom. This is a protective shell coating that prevents bacteria from reaching the pores and hurts any chick that grows inside.

That bloom ensures a mother hen can lay one egg a day for more than a week to gather a clutch before she begins to sit on them to hatch them out. It is protected from bacteria as long as the bloom is on the shell, and can be safely placed on the counter.

Washing your eggs removes the shell’s bloom, and means that bacteria can enter it. When you notice that you need to wash an egg then be sure to cool it down afterward

You should also continue to refrigerate any eggs that have already been cooled, as leaving a cold egg out will cause the shell to develop condensation. Every time cold moisture is present it causes bacteria to enter the shell. Therefore, it is important that you always wash your eggs with warm water

How long will fresh farm eggs last in the longest run?

Fresh eggs take a long time to last. Freshly laid, unwashed eggs can remain on the counter for as long as a month. You’re only going to want some way to keep track so you’re eating the oldest eggs first.

The fresh eggs will stay in the refrigerator for longer. You can easily prepare in the fridge for 3 months. They will last as long as six months if you place fresh eggs in an airtight jar!

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Another easy way to check how old your eggs are is to write down the date that the egg was laid right onto the shell. Pencil just ought to work fine.

If you’re afraid an egg has gone bad, just float it in a glass of water. If the bottom touches the egg, then it’s still fine. And if the egg is floating upwards, it has gone bad.

Why Should Bought Eggs Store be refrigerated?

If fresh farm eggs at room temperature are perfectly healthy then why are all store-bought eggs refrigerated? The response is that it has to do with legislation about egg washing.

Salmonella can infect hens if they become dirty with fecal matter, leading to infection of the eggs. Food poisoning can be a big deal and even cause death.

It is required that all the framers vaccinate against salmonella from their flocks, and the eggs may not be washed before sale. This means the farmers have to keep the eggs clean.

There has even been a study that shows that there is almost no growth of salmonella even in infected eggs until after 21 days of storage, no matter what temperature.

Honestly, it will be fair to make sure that my flock is safe, and that they have clean nest boxes to avoid an infection with salmonella.

When you want them to last, refrigerate the eggs but there are times when it’s nice to leave them out. So, if your birds are safe and your eggs are clean and unwashed, don’t worry about the counter storing them.

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