The 4 treats that you can feed your chicken

The 4 treats that you can feed your chicken

There are, like all the pets, tasty morsels for which chickens go absolutely crazy, these are those treats you can feed your birds. Others are super good, and can be given daily to your flock, others the chickens love to suck up but are more of a treat at times.

If your chickens are on their best behavior, reward them with some of these tasty treat ideas along with their usual diet of freshwater, grit, and feed.


  • Berries

Berries are a chickens favorite. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries- no matter, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a chicken that doesn’t enjoy the taste of these super sweet treats!

Scatter some of the fresh variety in the race, and enjoy seeing your chickens eat these delicious morsels.

  • Seafood

For us humans, it’s a great warmer winter, but did you know that chickens love a hearty bowl of oatmeal too? While it may be a treat, oats are full of nutrients that keep your chickens warm and healthy fighting and their tummies!

So make double for your flock when you make your morning bowl of oats next, making sure to use water in place of milk. A variety of toppings can also be added to make it extra appealing.

  • Yogurt

The plain yogurt is a great treat given very sparingly, and can help promote a good digestive system in chickens. Some assume that chickens cannot adequately break down yogurt, but that only occurs if it is given to them very often and in large portions. It’s perfect to cool them down on particularly hot days just a tiny amount on their feeding dish and they go wild for the taste!

  • Corn scrapped

Although maize doesn’t have the highest nutritional value for chickens, it contributes to these gorgeous, vibrant orange egg yolks, it’s a great hit for your kids, and most chooks go mad about it!

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Where to buy Chickens in Akwa Ibom State

Since chicken is the only meat that has no negative health conditions, you can always use it to prepare any local and continental dishes of your choice. In Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, you can buy chickens from at the following locations;

  • Uyo, The Akwa Ibom State capital:

    Number 215 Udo Umana Street opposite Akpan Andem Market, Uyo

  • Oron, Akwa Ibom State:

    Number 27 Market Square by Aba Street, Oron, Akwa Ibom State




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