The chicken herbs that you can grow in your garden

The chicken herbs that you can grow in your garden

Many people know how useful herbs can be, but did you know you can use herbs for your chickens too? Growing chicken herbs is easy, and a good practice of husbandry.

Chicken herbs are easy to grow, and many grow in less than perfect conditions, making them a great way to spruce up your yard, and simultaneously pamper your flock.

Herbs have a lot of different nutrients in them and by adding them to your chicken’s diet, you can help them stay healthy and get those beautiful yolks that make your own eggs so beautiful.

Is it easy to grow chicken herbs?

Chances are, you already have a lot of herbs growing on your property that are useful when chickens are raised. And if you don’t, starting to grow your own chicken herbs from scratch in water is easy.

The chicken herbs that you can grow

  • Basil Herb

Basil grows super fast, and it grows in soil, and can also be easily propagated from the start. Therefore, it’s a no brainer to add basil into your chicken feed. It is high in antioxidants which can encourage a healthy immune system for your birds.

  • Comfrey herbs

The permaculture king wins again as it contains high protein, and tons of nutrients, comfrey may even replace some feed from your chicken. It’s great for the soil, easy to grow, and attracts pollinators as well.

  • Dandelion herbs

Dandelions have lots of vitamins including A, B6, C, K, fiber, and calcium. Do not kill your dandelions with a weed killer but then feed them to your birds!

  • Garlic herbs

Garlic has antibacterial properties, so many people like to add the whole cloves every week to the water in their chicken. You may of course also add it to their feed.

  • Mint herbs

Chickens may not show much interest in eating mint, but if they are fenced in, it would be a different story. Since mint can help with digestion it’s probably worth a try!

  • Red clover herbs

Clover has so many beneficial uses as a cover crop, an attractor for pollinators, and a pasture plant that there is no excuse not to let it grow on your homestead backyard. It has advantages for the reproductive system, so this is great particularly if you want your own stock to hatch out! Plus, it will save you the costs of feeding them.


Benefits of growing chicken herbs

The aforementioned herbs are only a few that have advantages for your backyard chickens.

Your chickens are more likely to be at their optimal health by adding herbs to your husbandry practices. You can prevent potentially complicated problems and costly solutions.

Plus adding herbs to your feed will save you money, even if you’re buying chicken feed prepackaged. You may not have the space or even want for your birds, to grow a patch of corn and soy, but it’s easy to add some attractive herbs around the homestead.

Herbs are an easy way to keep your chicken up, with very little effort and much reward.

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