The Leghorn chicken breed; learn everything about them


The leghorn chicken breed is originally from Italy, the real name is ‘Livorno’; a breed which was shipped to the USA in the 1800s. Leghorn is a translation of the English language. They’re still one of the most common chickens in Italy, for a very specific reason-they’re such good egg-laying chicks.

Yet for everybody, they’re not perfect. Here’s what’s perfect, and not that perfect.

Where is the Leghorn coming from?

Originally a brown-colored hen, the Livorno was raised in the north-west of Italy as a small-bodied chicken that laid a lot of eggs but did not eat a lot of food-both reasons the Livorno is still very common in Italy today.

The precise date they were taken from Italy to the United States is not certain, but it was sometime between the early 1820s and the 1850s. In 1853 there were definitely two colors: brown-original-and white. These are now the two most popular colors of today.

The white Livorno, now called the Leghorn, was imported from the United States to England about 1870, followed by the brown one a few years later. None of them has been as common in the United Kingdom as in either Italy or America, although they are sometimes used in commercial egg-producing companies because of their prolific laying.

What does the Leghorn look like?

Chicks lose their fluffy down and grow feathers very quickly, which ensures that they can tolerate much cooler temperatures than most other young ones.

Unlike the Red Stars, another healthy sheet, there’s no way to say the female males until they’re a few weeks old. We all look exactly the same before the comb grows-and the crowing starts.

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As an adult, they are small, lightweight, very thin birds weighing between 4 and 6 lbs. breeding has developed a number of colors, including red, black, and buff, but the most common remains brown and, in particular, white.

The pegs of the original Leghorns are single and very wide. Hens’ combs flop over to one side, giving the birds a peculiar look. The male’s comb is expected to stand upright, although some do flop.

No matter what color they are, the Leghorn chicken has very large wattles, bright orange eyes, white earlobes, and yellow legs.

Which kind of climate does the Leghorn chicken prefer?

They are designed to withstand high temperatures. They can withstand very cold winters and very hot summers without any problems. The only real problem may be their broad comb, which may be vulnerable to frostbite. Many American models of the Leghorn are raised with rose pegs to avoid this very problem.

Frostbite is quickly avoided by ensuring that your coop is free from moisture that freezes. Some owners apply Vaseline into a comb to cover her. But, I kept the Leghorns in very cold conditions and never had to do that.

What’s the personality of the Leghorn chicken?

The Leghorn is a busy bird, always very active, generally the first one out of the coop in the morning and the last one in the night. They’re great at foraging. They like nothing better than digging all day in even the poorest lands, searching for any tasty morsel they might find.

They have a very light appetite, too. One of the reasons that they are mostly used commercially as battery hens is that, while they lay a lot of eggs, they don’t need a lot of food.

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The fact that they are used in battery-powered farms means that they are often available for adoption, especially in the United Kingdom, until they no longer lay an egg a day.

They’re very autonomous, not the friendliest of chickens. Where the Red Star is always up for a chat and eager to know what’s going on, I still consider the Livorno a little nerve. The slightest noise sends them all over the yard.

We don’t like being picked up, either, so they’re not exactly for you if you’re looking for a child-friendly companion that enjoys a cuddle.

Males appear to be competitive, but my experience is that they’re not aggressive-though again, there are always exceptions to the law!

Talking about eggs with the Leghorn chicken?

One of the strongest points of the Leghorn is an average of 300 eggs a year. Like other hens, they’re not slowing down in winter, they’re not slowing down when it’s hot or when they’re grinding. And they’re always lying until they’re at least three or four years old. They lay with a pure white shell, and after they’ve been laid for a few months, they’re the biggest eggs you will ever get. Needless to say, their eggs taste amazing, too!

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