What causes respiratory diseases in chickens?

What causes respiratory diseases in chickens?

Respiratory diseases in chickens vary in seriousness some may just be sneezing due to a dirty coop, others may have a more serious disease that needs our local veterinarian to help.


Causes of respiratory diseases in chickens

Chickens can contract respiratory diseases in a variety of different ways. A chicken’s environment can sometimes affect your chickens in a way that looks like they have respiratory problems, when it’s really just a small sensitivity to dust. When there’s a bit of dust in our house we all seem to sneeze-chickens are no different!


Common ways for chickens to get sick from respiratory problems


Dust in the Coop

Occasionally dust and debris particles may float around the coop and cause a few mild chickens symptoms. It generally happens when their coop needs a spring clean, or when fresh bedding will stir up any airborne debris. If they breathe dust in, the chickens will cough, splutter and get watery eyes.


Introduction of new chickens into the flock

Respiratory diseases can be infectious; so if you’ve just introduced the flock to a new bird and immediately found that the whole coop is coughing, then it’s probably the new chick!


Too much stress

Stress can sometimes intensify the mild symptoms that chickens already have-they may even expose underlying respiratory diseases at times. Stress is generally bad for chickens-and for their keepers of poultry!

The most popular way chickens get overwhelmed is by having too many flock members for a coop, becoming excessively bored, or getting a new member dropped at our doorstep immediately.

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High Temperatures

Chickens are hardy creatures but there comes a point where your poor chicks get toll from the temperature. Extreme temperatures will cause sickness if your chickens aren’t covered, or if they find themselves in the elements.


Since you know what is usually caused by them, let’s talk about some signs that your chickens feel a little under the feather.


What are the symptoms of respiratory diseases in chickens?


There are a variety of easy-to-detect signs that can be identified if your flock feels bad and has any breathing issues. Including:

  • Sneeze or cough
  • A runny nose/mucus that comes from the nose
  • Some Watery eyes
  • Some swollen sinuses

You should always check your chicks regularly to make sure they always cluck away happily and show no signs of potential illness.

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