What is Fermentation and why it’s good for your chickens?

What is Fermentation and why it's good for your chickens?

You may have heard of fermented food, but do you know if it’s healthy for your flock? There are some mixed opinions on the Internet as to whether or not fermentation or fermenting food for poultry is safe for them.

How is fermentation, exactly?

If you’ve ever eaten yogurt or cheese, you’ve eaten a food that has gone through a fermentation process. Fermentation is simply a system of steeping solids in a liquid that releases naturally occurring bacteria that are good for the health of the intestine. You undoubtedly heard of the probiotics, that’s just what fermentation creates.

As well as making it impossible for “poor” bacteria to live in the intestine, they make food more digestible and increase the availability of protein. Around the same time, the cycle raises the sum of vitamins K, C, and B.

Is fermented food healthy for chickens?

As you might guess the answer to that is a Yes for chickens. Bacteria are a vital part of our ability to digest and use food. These days, medications such as antibiotics and the abundance of fast food will deplete the amount of “healthy” bacteria that our intestines contain naturally.

This means that food is not processed as well as it should be, and our body is lacking the nutrients it requires to function in a healthy way. The net result is that we are becoming more prone to infection and disease. Fermentation raises the number of bacteria so that our intestines are practically teeming with them. Although this might not sound very friendly, the truth is, it’s just what we need.

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What are the special advantages of fermentation for chickens?

Here are the findings of the research on the effects of the fermentation process especially for chickens:

  • Increases healthy bacteria in the intestine
  • Lactic acid content produces an atmosphere in which dangerous bacteria cannot thrive.
  • Forms a natural defense against the Salmonella virus
  • Increased resistance to infection
  • Food is used more effectively, leading to improved absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • Boost the power of eggshells
  • Boost the weight of eggs
  • High protein content makes it especially good for chickens in winter and for molten/unwell birds.
  • Great for new chicks-keep them hydrated and encourage protein development
  • Less food wastage-the the chickens don’t kick it all out of their way!
  • The chickens love it until they get used to it!

The most important benefit of information is

Probably the most important advantage of fermentation is the resistance of fermented food to infection. In fact, they are so effective in preventing infection that in commercial livestock farming where antibiotics are not required or not desired, fermented foods are used as a matter, of course, to keep animals safe.

Are there any drawbacks here?

The fermentation method can have different outcomes. For the best results, a consistent temperature is required. Chickens will take some time to get used to their taste. It’s best to add fermented food when they’re young chicks.

It can be a good advantage for chickens that have been sick, for example, or support through the mold, but it can also contribute to health issues. Fat chickens are not safe at all! There was evidence in one trial that the feed itself was infected, but it was found to be an issue with the consistency of the feed and the process, not the fermentation itself.

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One study found that fermented foods often cause botulism due to toxic bacteria.

However, it has also been made clear that the fermenting food has been kept in airtight, plastic containers for too long. So long as you use a high-quality feed, keep the fermenting food in a high jar, obey the directions and give your chickens time to get used to it, there really shouldn’t be any problems.

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