What should your baby chicks drink?

What should your baby chicks drink?

So you’ve got your baby chicks’ brooder set up, there’s a reliable source of electricity, and your day-old chicks are almost ready to move into a big, wide world. But wait, what do we need for them to eat and drink?

Baby chicks can continue living without food or water for up to 72 hours after hatching-the yolk they eat throughout the hours before hatching supplies all the vitamins and minerals they need. But after that, they’re going to need both food and water.

Make sure you’ve got the supplies well in advance. Don’t wait until your baby chicks are in the coat of arms-plan ahead!

In this post, we ‘re going to look at what baby chicks need to drink, the value of keeping it clean, and how best to provide it to keep your chicks safe.

What should your baby chicks drink?

The baby chicks need to drink some water. Simple. They will dehydrate and die very, very quickly without it. All you need to do is make sure it’s kept abundant, clean, and fresh.

Yet it could be better said than done. Baby chicks continue to kick their bedding and food all over the place-including in their bath. And they’re allowed to perch on the edge of the water containers and pop into it.

They can all make the water dirty. And the last thing you need is for your baby chicks to pick up bacteria from their water supply.

Two basic options are available:

  • A ground waterer and;
  • A hanging bottle system.
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Ground waterers a source of water for your baby chicks.

The inexpensive choice is to place some freshwater in a bowl and leave the chicks to the dish. The problem with this is that the baby chicks are naturally inquisitive. And inquisitive chicks will quickly slip into water bowls and drown.

So if that’s your only option, put something in the bowl to prevent it from happening. Some clean pebbles are a good idea-the kind you would use for a terrarium, for example. Don’t buy the dyed stone-the dye is going to leach into the water.

Advantages of using ground waterer as a water source for baby chicks

  • Easy to set-up
  • Simple to clean up
  • Heavier than plastic watering systems, but it’s not as likely to tip over.
  • There is no risk of chemicals escaping into the water

Disadvantages of using ground waterer as a water source for baby chicks

  • The problem with some kind of ground drinking system is that the chickens are jumping. A lot of it. They kick shavings, they kick food, and they kick anything under their feet.
  • It’s in their very existence. They’re all playing with foraging.
  • And it’s pretty hard to keep the water clear. You will find yourself cleaning the dish many times a day. When you don’t, the risk is that the water will get poisoned, and the chicks will get poisoned.
  • There is also a slight chance of tiny chicks drowning in this tub. Once, it’s easy to stop by adding a few pebbles.
  • The best way to prevent all the issues with field waterers, however, is to use a hanging system.
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Advantages of using a hanging bottle system as a source of water for your baby chicks.

  • Easy to set-up
  • Low-cost
  • Chicks know how to drink it straight away.
  • Keeps the water clear.

Disadvantages of using a hanging bottle system as a source of water for your baby chicks.

  • No new device is as useful as the original brooder bottle waterer, but there are no disadvantages to think about. You just need to make sure that the bottle portion is balanced so that it doesn’t hang on the edge.
  • Chicks will get some sloppy, sloping drips on the brooder’s shavings.

How to make sure your chicks know how to drink.

  • As soon as you get a chick out of the incubator, dip her beak in the water if you’re using a ground system, or tap her beak against the waterer if you’re using a hanging system.
  • You only need to do this once-the chicks are very quick to learn.
  • Just keep an eye on them for a day or two to make sure everyone gets their fair share. It’s really important that they all stay hydrated, otherwise, you’re going to get things like a pasty ass, which can be fatal.

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