What to do when your chick starts to hatch


And the wonderful day of hatching has come! Yet now the little ones are almost gone, and you are beginning to worry, what are you going to do now? Don’t worry, because we are here to share with you insight on how to handle your chicks when they start to hatch.

Don’t panic yet, your hatched chick is tired

If you see the slumping and panting of your baby chickens and just looking a little listed, don’t panic, they’re probably just a little tired by the hard hatching process.

They’ll look pretty sticky, too, so you may be tempted to try to dry them out. Don’t worry about it-within a few hours they’ll be fluffing up on their own.

It’s important that the baby chicks don’t move from their mom or incubator until they’ve fluffed up completely, otherwise, they might catch a chill!


Help your hatch chicks them drink some water

Once baby chickens hatch, they actually eat their eggshell’s yolk and membrane, which provides them with loads of nutrients of great value!

Since the baby chickens have already consumed nutrients from their shell, they don’t really need to feed again until 1-2 days after they have hatched.


It is very important, though, that the baby chickens get some water within the first 24 hours of their life. The baby chickens may not know how to really drink because they’re only hours old!

The mother hen will teach her little babies how to drink from the freshwater if they have been born naturally so make sure there are some nearby.

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You could drop a baby chicken waterer into the incubator if the chickens were hatched with an incubator. If they haven’t cottoned on drinking within a few hours, you might need to encourage them by dipping their beak gently into the water.


It is important that the water is in a specially designed waterer for baby chicken, as an adult watering machine may spell disaster for your precious baby chickens (they the fall in).

Be careful to handle them well, as they are likely to become distressed – but it is very important for them to drink! If they don’t get it at first, simply be patient and consistent-but always gentle.

Don’t let them out until all of the baby chickens are ready to hatch

You can note some hatching at around the same time when it comes to hatching. It may be tempting to take out the baby chickens from the incubator after a few hours and put them into the brooder.


The hatching sure is done, right? Wrong! There is no real way to predict when the chickens are going to hatch, you might think it’s all done, when another one suddenly pops out of the shell 10 hours later!

That’s why holding your baby chickens in the incubator for 24-48 hours is critical, because their cheeping actually encourages any other baby chickens in the shell to hatch out!

Even after you take the baby chickens out after 24-48 hours, just to sure leave the other fertilized eggs in the incubator for another day.

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Hatching day can be incredibly exciting, usually accompanied by waves of asking yourself, what do I do now?


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