What you need to clean your chicken coop

What you need to clean your chicken coop

You need to keep things clean when you have a small chicken coop in a SMALL backyard but particularly a small coop. And knowing how to clean a chicken-coop right is critical.

Running a clean chicken coop is one of the primary duties of running an urban chicken coop, but above all protecting our rights to hold chickens in the backyards of town.

Gathering a few supplies for holding chicken pens and runs doesn’t cost much.

Tools to use to clean your chicken coop


  • Shovels and Rakes

Always have a large, small, and a handheld rake to clean up and run the coop. And basically use them every day. Use the shovel to move dirt as needed, and fill the holes created by the chickens.


  • Scoop the trash

For clean the litter from the coop daily, do use a metal kitty litter scoop. It takes minutes but keeps the coop clean and good. And scoop up dropouts a few times a day when you pop into the coop to gather eggs or bring treats.

It’s easier for you to throw right next to the coop in your compost. Do not employ a method of deep litter. With small yards, chicken owners don’t have the luxury of putting the coop back. Some must keep it away from the property line, and it’s necessary to control the flies and odor.


  • A Little Plastic Bin

Use one to gather debris for the compost bin and when I rake the straw out of the coop’s hen house section.


  • Brush Cleaning

Sweep webs and debris off the coop using the cleaning brush.

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  • Gloves & Masks

Your well being is, of course, also essential, so use these when appropriate. Gummy gloves are used to clean the coop


  • Long-hauling Scrub Brush

Use this brush when you do your coop scrubbing twice yearly. It reaches into the coop, and is beautiful and robust.


  • Short handled Scrub

Using this brush to rinse waterers, and scrub them sometimes with hot water and soap dishes. Do not use chlorine because the plastic appears to absorb the scent of chlorine.


  • Vinegar

Vinegar is great with a little dish soap in hot water too, and use this when you do your full chicken coop scrubbing twice a year.

In the heat of summer when the flies are bothering, a great diatomaceous earth usage is to put it in the feed and sprinkle it on the chicken run and coop freshly raked.



When looking at how to build a chicken coop, realize that it will have to be a priority to keep the area where the chickens live extra clean. The neighbors would never have to talk about it so far and others might say they didn’t even know you had chickens. Now that is the best compliment you can get on a well-maintained chicken coop.

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