Why are we talking about protein with chickens?

Why are we talking about protein with chickens?

Protein in an eggshell essentially helps the body grow. Even if your chickens don’t get bigger they’re still going to produce feathers, cook eggs, grow their nails, all the normal things that bodies are doing. It is the building block that activates all of these things.


How much protein does your chicken need?

Chickens require different levels of these nutrients at different stages of their lives. Of course, they will need eggstra protein during their first few weeks of life to ensure their bodies continue to grow and develop. That’s why chickens have different feeds at different ages.


For example, starter feeds tend to have approximately 24% protein compared to layer feeds that only have 16%. It is usually a more expensive ingredient, and many chicken feed producers are mindful of raising the amount of protein in their products when the chickens don’t need it.


Can you give too much protein to your chicken?

You can overdose your chickens on their diet. Giving you extra protein to the chickens is like drinking a milk shake as humans, if you indulge yourself too often you will either get overweight or start looking funny.


Aside from all the levity, if you feed your chickens an excessively high protein diet, your chooks would essentially suffer starvation because their bodies just don’t get enough of the complex array of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates they need. But don’t feel discouraged, giving your chickens a boost of the nutrient at select times can dramatically improve their state of mind and health.

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When should you treat your chicken to a protein snack?

Although it should be an almost daily routine to treat your chicks to a few sneaky snacks, there are certain times in the year when it is best to kick-start your ladies with an extra bit of protein.


Particularly moulting season is the perfect time to treat your laying hens with a little more of this diet. It is vital that you improve the diet of your flock with extra protein, so that it can help them during the moulting season. Although there are many ways you can make sure your chooks produce eggs for longer, here are a few extra protein treats and there is definitely a great option.


Will your chicken need more protein in the hot climates?

There is some evidence to suggest that chickens living in hot and humid climates, like Australia, need more protein than chickens from cooler parts of the world, fractionally. However, to be clear, this is only a small percentage of higher-about 18-19 percent of Australia’s chicken diet should be protein compared to about 16 percent in other parts of the world.

Where to buy Chickens in Akwa Ibom State

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