Why you should have a rooster among your flock

Why you should have a rooster in your flock

If you’re thinking about introducing a rooster to your backyard flock, you’re going to find a lot of people telling you not to. There might be a good reason for you not to do that. This can, for example, be against the law.

A Rooster has Beautiful colors

Okay, so maybe that’s not the right excuse, but let’s be honest-the roosters can look absolutely beautiful.

Once the sun gets its colors, it will make them look iridescent. They’re bringing too much vibrancy to the chicken race.

Rooster + hens = chicks!

A hen with no rooster will always lay eggs. But an egg without a rooster is never going to be a bird. Much as in the human world, it takes a male and a female to produce a fertilized egg that will, under the right circumstances, transform into a chick.

Roosters hold the balance in the flock.

You’re going to have learned about the pecking order. It’s what’s going to happen between chickens in the same flock. There is a hierarchy of supremacy, and those hens that are at the top of the pecking order can be very aggressive with the ones below. You wouldn’t think of the hens-the the sweet, quiet creatures they are. But it doesn’t always work like that. Having a male in a flock will help to maintain the pecking order because, in the male-dominated world of nature, roosters are often at the top.

Roosters are going to protect their flock from all predators

That’s what their aggression is all about. It’s their responsibility to protect their flock, and instinctively they’re going to do it even against the most terrifying predator. Roosters have been known to shield their hens from birds of prey and even coyotes. A strong rooster is always going to be in the front line first.

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So, if you want your hens to be safe from predators at all times-and note, you can’t be with them 24/7-you need a male in your flock.

The Rooster Crows

A lot of people will see this as a problem, and most people love it. Have you ever found that the roosters are going to crow at more or less everything? Morning, at night, when it’s sunny, when it’s raining. So more or less of a stimulus? For example, the sound of a car engine?

It’s not just a random thing. They’re crowing for reasons. Some of the time, it’s to make sure other roosters know it’s their turf. It’s one of the ways they’re shielding their hens. Likewise, with car engines-they think it’s the sound of either a competitor or a predator. It’s time to crow, either way.

And next time you hear an ear-splitting crow, remember: he lets you know that this is his territory. So far as he is concerned, no-one else is allowed to enter-and that could include you. This could be loud. This could be a tone that the elected authorities don’t want to hear. This may be a tone that the neighbors object to.

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