Wood shaving or sand for chicken bedding?

wood shaving and sand for chicken bedding

Wood shavings were generally acceptable to farmers as a bedding material. Wood shaving is a wood industry waste product, which is obtained from wood scraping which dressing.

Typically it comes from scrapping the rough outer wood portion. Before then it was open. I still remember, in fact, some six years ago when all I need to do is go with my bags and exchange for the already heaped bags that contain these shavings. Yet the tale has moved. Many big players in the poultry industry have a standing order, with the country’s major sawmills.

And now when you go there looking for wood shavings, if they even sell to you, you should be lucky. Many of those who sell it to small scale farmers do so in secret because it has already been paid for by the big players.

Wood shaving is now a scarce and costly product that brings chicken bedding issue about sand.

Comparing sand with wood shaving

Deciding if sand is a better alternative to wood shaving is a queen I would like to answer, but I cannot hurry to answer the question, because if I do, you could have grudges against me. This is because I might be poking your trust in it. Yet I am not going to do this, knowing fully well that by the time I finally tell you what I think, I want to make sure we’re on the same page.

So, if you’d like an answer to the question is sand an acceptable alternative to wood shavings, then hold on. We are going to dig this out together. Let’s start with the qualities which make the right choice for wood shavings.

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Qualities which make the farmer’s choice for Wood Shavings

  • Cheap Stocks

Wood shavings used to be a waste product that was given freely to farmers in whatever quantity they demanded. Yet, slowly, the narrative shifted. They started by growing the quantity available, then collecting tips, and now wood shavings have a price tag all over. What’s even more troubling is that there are areas where you are not allowed to buy it.

They’ll tell you, “It’s sold out.” So, before that, wood shavings were the # 1 choice because it was cheap, but no longer so.

  • Absorbing humidity

The reason farmers are chasing for wood shaving is that we have to keep the chickens as dry as possible. Moisture is not something you want to include in the pen or the coop. By preventing wet flooring, farmers are trying to prevent disease build-up and wood shavings have proven to be suitable for that.

The dryness of the matter of wood shavings also determines how much moisture there is and how fast the absorption takes place. This standard of wood shavings remains and it is for this reason that farmers want to get it.

  • Simple Beauty

If you’ve been to a place where chickens are eating or playing on a freshly laid wood shavings bedding, you’ll understand there is no better look. When put in a clean house with wood shavings, chickens will practically display their enthusiasm. They fly around, and enjoy watching the lightweight shavings follow suit as their wings flap.

  • Getting relaxed

Yes, before you begin to think it’s all about you, the farmer, let me remind you that this is about birds. Wood shavings offer a simple cushioning to the feet and breast of your chickens. Wood shavings create birds with clean legs and breasts, as opposed to the cage method that encourages bumblefoot.

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When they eat, and when they want to rest, your chickens will enjoy a nice cushioning. That is one way of keeping your birds happy and growing well.

  • Debris-free

Usually, this is free of debris and pollutants when you get your wood shavings straight from the source. Thanks to the strong difference between wood and debris items like papers and nylon waste can easily be detected and collected. Shavings are a good alternative for your pets because they do not cause breathing issues like dust from the sight.

Which is the correct texture of the sand?

The kind of sand that we talk about is not the sand on the playground. It’s not just the sand you think of on the beach. This is the rough, gritty, hard sand usually found on the side of the local shore. It can also be found in all grades of sharp sand where they sell construction sand. Below is a sample texture of chicken bedding with sand.

  • Free and cost-efficient

It is another reason why chicken bedding should be used with sand. Practically, there’s exposure to sand everywhere I have lived in my whole life. Everywhere, though, you won’t get sharp sand but it’s still pretty cheap. Even if you’re going to have to pay for sharp sand, you’re going to just do away with a little cash.

  • Fast clean up when using chicken bedding sand

You can do a fast cleaning before the next cock crows, with a DIY litter scooper as seen in the video below. I hear several people talk about the weight of sand when they’re trying to load it up.

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But, when you can just come in and scoop out the poop, you don’t have to pack sand litter often. When using sharp sand, unlike when using wood shavings, you can easily distinguish between the sand and the poop. What you get is the piss, with the use of a scooper. You don’t have to take the whole bedding off.

  • Chicken bedding with sand offers natural grit

Those sand particles you see while processing in your chicken’s gizzard, yes, they help with digestion and your chickens can get them safe.

  • So close to nature

Using sand for chicken bedding gives your chickens the feeling that they are in a natural environment. They get to the sand bath as well, and do some fun stuff that their mates enjoy in the wild. I know you don’t want to deprive your chickens of having the fun experience.

So, what’s not to love about chicken bedding using sand? It’s cool, comfortable, inexpensive, easy to handle, and removes the diseases associated with mold.

The only problem so far about the use of sand is transport. Usually, you’ll need a truck to move the amount of sand you need to your farm. So it shouldn’t be too much to think about because this is an exercise once in a while.



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